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    Dear all,

    I need to add a href-title to a shortcode button.
    Is this somehow possible?
    I use a child theme.

    Kind regards!

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    Hey parperei!

    Thank you for coming back.

    Not out of the box. You must edit the file:




    Dear Günter,

    thanks for your suggestion. I added this as a feature request. But apart from that, may you assist me to add the needed code?

    I already created the directories “config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes” in my child-theme.

    I think in “buttons.php” I need to add some code to line 34 following (new array for entering the link title in the backend?) and lines 284 following (output):

    $output  = "";
    $output .= "<a href='{$link}' title='???'>class_by_arguments('icon_select, color, size, position' , $atts, true)."' {$blank} {$style} >";
    $output .= $content_html;
    $output .= "</a>";
    $output =  "<div class='avia-button-wrap avia-button-".$atts['position']." ".$meta['el_class']."'>".$output."</div>"; 

    But I have to admit I can’t. :) May you assist me with that?

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    Replace buttons.php contents with this:



    Dear Josue,

    happy new year, sorry for the delay and thank you for your help with my problem.

    Other tasks occured, which is why I need to put this task on hold.

    I saved the buttons.php from github and will reply as soon as I was able to test it.

    Kind regards!



    We will keep the thread open. Please let us know after you try so we can mark the thread as resolved or assist you further. Until you reply, thread will be on hold.
    Happy new year to you as well :)

    Best regards,


    Dear all,

    after putting the delivered “buttons.php” in the enfold-theme-directory, it works as intended.
    But I will loose it with the next update.

    Adding the “buttons.php” to my child-theme-folder inside the directory “config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes”, does not add the input for “Button Link Title”.

    Is there something I additionally need to do, to make use of the buttons.php inside my child-theme-folder/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes?


    Dear Yigit,

    thank you once more! This information solved my problem and I learned to remind it for future requests.

    Happy daze!



    You are welcome, we are always glad to help :) Happy daze to you as well!

    Best regards,

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