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    Hi and thanks once agaun for a fantastic theme, my #1 choice!

    I wonder if Enfold uses a different stylesheet in order to make sure product images is displayed beautifully also on mobile devices or if you what lightbox you use in order to achive this?

    you see, I have a custom wp site and even if it can never come close to the master piece you have developed, I must deliver to client a version that is also looking good on mobile devices, and so far the lightbox is not adjusting to iphone scfreen but “cut off” – hence my question.

    1 million thanks for answereing this question that might be a little bit out of scope, any advice appreciated highly!

    this is the site so far showing lightbox on mobile not as good asenfold does: joveniajuveler.intelligentsolutions.se/jewellery/



    The Enfold theme is using the prettyPhoto lightbox plugin. I think woocommerce comes with the Fancybox plugin.

    The stylesheet use is located on config-woocommerce > woocommerce-mod.css.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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