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    I work with WP 3.6 and the ENFOLD 2.0, and not for all I could find out, how you have created the sidebars for the FAQ page at the demo theme:


    When I look at “widgets”, then no widget is in “display everywhere”, nor in “sidebar pages”, nor is there a custom widget area, when I import the dummy data.

    When I add a widget to “display” everywhere, then all these pages-links in the sidebar of the demo page “FAQ” remain.

    How have you created the sidebar for the FAQ page, where are all these page links on this page, so that I just can change the demo FAQ page with my own content?



    Hi colorit2,

    That menu is automatically generated based on your page hierarchy. So you need to set your pages parent/children in the Page Attributes meta box when creating or editing a page.




    yes, I know, but I would like to change the demo page “FAQ” into my own, with own content. For this I need to delete or change the sidebar, but in my “widgets” I cannot find a widget that outputs these child pages as seen on the “FAQ” demo page.


    It isn’t a widget. It is based on the hierarchy of those pages. So go to the right hand side of the FAQ page or whatever page you want and where you see the meta box titled Page Attributes use the drop down to change the parent of that page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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