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    Q1. How in the world do you enable more file information to be visible in the “Add Multiple Images” window pane on some of your “Content Elements” tools? Right now it’s just showing thumbnails.

    Showing thumbnails has it’s obvious benefits and a “picture is a thousand words” so you don’t need to try and explain the merits behind the design. That’s easy to understand. But, doing away with important information that facilitate site management is pointless. It is easy to add this file information below the thumbnails without messing with the pretty presentation. You can make it tiny if you’re worried about cluttering up the design. The cursor properties in the CSS don’t even allow you to see ALT information on mouseover, so finding out more info about the file is impossible without opening Firebug jumping through other hoops.

    Certainly someone has posed this question in your forum before, but I can’t find it for the life of me doing searches. If it’s a settings issue in WordPress or Enfold, please share the information in a relatively easy to understand method like this: settings –> sub link –> sublink –> show file information

    If this involves adjusting code on the backend to enable this, we are fine getting our hands dirty with PHP. We understand it. We’ve got a lot of images in our website and not having file information available when adding content makes things a guessing game and makes your template pretty much a boat anchor here that we can’t use.

    If you need an example of what I’m describing, just go to your “Partner Logo Element” and start trying to add some images. It will be obvious what I’m describing from there. The “Add multiple Images” window pane shows only a bunch of thumbnails, but the normal WordPress Media Manager utility includes file information in a scrollable window pane (Iframe) on the right side of the thumbnails when you click on a thumbnail.

    Q2.Why in the world is this not an option in Content Elements?


    Hey websitegurus!

    feel free to make a feature request here:



    Okay, I have a perfect and wonderful solution for both you and I. Instead of suggesting I submit a feature request that may or may not be done, or may take six months to roll-out, how’a about this? So that we can get on with our day and the many hours and days we’ve already invested building things so far, please point me to the file(s) that control the popup window I’ve identified. This way, we can efficiently manage the beast we are building.

    Please send me the information for the exact ALB Content element and the corresponding files on the back-end of Enfold that I’ve outlined clearly. Obviously, there are different settings for the Media/Image Popup windows based on which Content Element is selected from the ALB. So, it may require you re-reading my first post above to send me accurate file information. If you don’t know what files control the specific Content Element, please forward this thread to someone who does know. It very well could include both PHP, Javascript and/or a CSS files. The latter is not that important because we can probably figure that out by glancing over the PHP and Javascript files.

    This solution will help both you and I and we can evaluate whether it warrants the time and effort to code the feature on our installation. And if you decide to tackle it yourself (which I would advise), then that will be a big plus for you (and your customers) because they (and we) won’t have to guess by trial and error what file we’ve selected in a mass of thumbnails that look very, very similar.


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    Is the problem that your wanting to set the alt text when selecting your images with the partner/logo element? You can already set the size of the logos in the shortcode options. It’s going to take too much customization to be able to add that feature in by yourself but as Andy suggested you could add a feature request and we’ll see if we can get something worked out in a future update.

    Best regards,

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