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    How do I edit the footer widgets? By default they this content: Interesting Pages, Pages, Categories, Archives.

    Enfold does not seem to have the standard method of editing by Appearance > Widgets > Footer Widgets.

    I’ve looked all around there is not content editing as usual and the forum does not mention anything.



    Well, it seems there is this surprise content in them by default, but you can’t see it in the footer widgets so it made it mysteriously confusing. It seems you must add something to the widgets to remove the ghost content.



    Yes, there is default content in the footer which can be replaced with widgets.



    Is there no way to edit the footer content? I still want most of it but I just want add some links. Are the “Pages” and “Categories” linked to the actual content, as in the “Pages” will change as I edit them?

    Thanks! .



    Yes, those links are dynamic, so if you change the Pages titles they will change there too.

    Best regards,


    So there is no way to add links to Interesting Links? Also, I am using the demo data to build my site. I don’t want to delete all the sample pages because I will no doubt use some of them for my actual information; however, I don’t want to show the very long list of pages in the footer. I like the idea that it links to my pages, but is there any way to replace this footer widget temporarily and then reinstate it when my site is finished?

    Thank you.



    Those Widgets are these, you can edit/remove directly in Appearance > Widgets:



    Greetings from Vienna!

    ‘A little bit late to reply. But the problem stays the same!:

    I want to completely change the footer widgets proposed by the theme. I want to add my own 4 widgets, but this does not work. I cannot remove the default content in the widgets area.

    How can I change this? It must be possible!

    best regards

    Gerhard Winter



    The default content will get replaced by the widget that you add in the footer area. Just go ahead and add the footer widgets in Appearance > Widgets and refresh the page it should work fine :) If you have any issue please create a new ticket and post us your login details.

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay!

    I finally managed to substitute the footer widget area.

    You have to fill in all of the widgets, then it works

    thank you very much and best regards


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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