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    This page was created with Enfold . I would like to know how to have the four menu screen options at the bottom of the home page. I assume this was created with the advanced layer slider. Are there specific steps to get this kind of finish and are there any tutorial videos available?

    Is it just a case of adding four images in line?

    Also it is shown here with the white arrow pointing downwards.

    Do I need to update my version of the layer slider?

    Many thanks,


    Hi keifgeorge ;
    “the menu” at the bottom of that page is done with “Grid Row”.
    1 – While creating your page use “Grid Row” from “Layout Elements”,
    2 – Insert/adjust the number and size of the “Cell” (Attention to “Padding”),
    3 – Insert your image(s) with “Image Hover effect” and “Link Settings”,
    4 – done.


    Thanks a lot – which type of image element do I use to get the ‘hover effect’. If I insert a standard image element I don’t seem to get the ‘hover option.

    Also if I am using this at the bottom of the home page, do I integrate it with advanced layer slider – for example to get the same result as

    Also how do I get that white arrow pointing downwards?



    Hi keifgeorge ;
    Use “Avia Layout Builder”
    1 – Insert a “Fullscreen Slider” (from “Media Elements”) and check “Display a scroll down arrow”,
    2 – Add a “Grid Row” from “Layout Elements”,
    Insert/adjust the number and size of the “Cell” (Attention to “Padding”),
    3 – Insert your image(s) (from “Media Elements”) into each of the cells,
    3-a-b – Choose “Image Hover effect”,
    3-c –and “Link Settings”,
    Here an image of the steps :
    Page Layout

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    Thanks a lot for your informative reply. I don’t have the ‘image hover option’. I have noticed that my version of enfold is not the most recent – perhaps this is the reason. Should I update this from version 3.04 to 3.2.3. I get the warning message below. Does this mean that I have to reenter any CSS changes etc., if I update?

    Or do I just update and everything will be as normal?


    Please Note: Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost. Please consider using child themes for modifications.



    Your settings will stay the same but you can export them in Dashboard > Enfold > Import / Export just to be safe. If you have edited any of the theme files then those will need to be redone, preferably in a child theme.

    , Thanks for the help!

    Best regards,


    I have updated Enfold – when I got to the layout builder there is no content. If build something and update it makes the change on the page but the various components in the layout builder disappear. It is just a blank box?

    Any ideas?



    It’s most likely just caching, please clear your browser cache and reload or try to simply reload the page in question.



    OK Thanks – also I was wondering how I can add text to a full screen slider similar to the text on the homepage of this – – e.g. ‘photographer cest mettre’ ? I think this is is possible in the layerslider but is it possible with the full screen slider?



    Hi keifgeorge ;
    Use “Color Section” from “Layout Elements”,
    And add a “Special Heading” from “Content Elements”
    here is in image :
    Color Section



    Did you try what @begrafiks suggested and did you have any luck with it?

    Best regards,

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