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    Hello! :-)
    I am trying to change the button color for just columns 2 and 3 in my pricing table. I see prior support that will change the button color for all the buttons in the button row, but can’t find any way to do it for just some of the buttons. I am sure the answer is to use nth-child(2) and nth-child(3) somehow, but I can’t figure out the avia button class to use it with. This is the code I found in prior support to change ALL the buttons to red:

    .avia-button-row .avia-button { background: red !important; }

    What modification to that code will turn just one button red? Or maybe there is some other way to do it?
    Thanks in advance,


    I trial and errored my way to some code that works!

    .main_color .pricing-table-wrap:nth-child(2) .avia-button-row .avia-button { background: #bbbbbb !important; border-bottom-width: 0px;}

    I borrowed the syntax from another support thread about changing background colors of select cells. I don’t really understand what .pricing-table-wrap does, but it solves my problem, so, whatever!



    Can we please see your web site URL so we can be able to help you?
    Also tell us which of the columns u want to change

    Best regards,


    As mentioned above, I managed to get the code working as described in the second post. If there is a better way, it would be good to know. I am including the link and password to the password protected page below.



    Thanks for the feedback, if the CSS you posted is working the I would go for that solution. I can’t see anything wrong with it :-)

    Best regards,

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