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    I’m in the Advanced Layout Editor and can’t seem to figure out how to access the code behind the layout components. I need to add something to the Vimeo code so that it will display an image instead of the black screen when the page is visited. If I choose Default Editor, nothing appears in either Visual or Text.

    Attaching an image from a website built with another theme where you can see the code behind the layout.

    I’m sure there must be a way, but I’ve searched the forum for the last hour to find the answer and have had no luck. Any advice is appreciated :)

    Text editor access needed for Enfold


    Thanks for the fast response! That thread has a lot of complex reading to absorb. I’ll read it tomorrow when I’m more alert.

    Next question: How do I prevent a video from automatically playing? Will I be able to stop the autoplay the same way in the code as I add the splash image?

    I’ve been experimenting with placing a video at the top of the Home page.

    1 – Adding a Media Element video to the Content section results in a black screen for the video; maybe that can be fixed. (If using the default editor, it correctly displays the splash image from Vimeo, which is odd that Advanced Layout ignores it, but the default editor page has space for a sidebar and I can’t seem to get rid of it.)

    2 – Adding a Media Element easy slider video is almost right, but it plays automatically.

    3 – Adding a Media Element full width easy slider video makes the video too large, you can’t see the controls, plus it plays automatically.

    If you want to see #2 and #3 examples, it’s the site I’m working on at, the home page.

    I’ll check for any reply in the morning. It’s getting late over here :)



    Try using the Vimeo embed method and making sure this options is not selected:

    Best regards,


    Hi, Josue

    Where do I insert the embed code with the Easy Slider? All I see is an option to insert the URL of the video.

    A Color Section allows me to place a video, but again there’s only the option to insert the URL, not the embed code.

    I can use the embed code with the Layer Slider, but that’s a problem because I can’t seem to put the layer slider on a Content Section. This means the video is displayed on the page’s white background. You can see it at, since I added that this morning. Layer Slider method does allow for a preview image, but no controls are shown unless hovered. Maybe there’s something in the embed code that can be added..

    Your theme is considerably different than what I’ve been used to (Avada) and so I’ve spent several hours on the video issue. Video display for site visitors is very important to me because I do a lot of custom videos for clients. What I’d like to have is:
    1 – a video displayed on a colored Content section
    2 – a preview image instead of a black screen
    3 – all play controls visible to the site visitor
    4 – no auto playing.

    Can all four be done with the Easy Slider or Layer Slider? I’ll also be self-hosting videos as soon as I convert the .mp4 vids to HTML5.

    Again, thank you for your help on this issue. This theme is going to work great for me if I can get this video issue resolved :)

    Josue, I modified the functions.php file and now the text code shows. Wonderful, thank you!

    However, I still can’t get the video in the easy slider to stop autoplaying. Here’s the full code, and you’ll see where I added ‘true’ to autoplay and also the controls, which I would like for them to show on-screen for certain sites.

    `[av_section color='main_color' custom_bg='#1e71bf' src='' attachment='' attach='scroll' position='top left' repeat='no-repeat' video='' video_ratio='16:9' min_height='' padding='no-padding' shadow='no-shadow' id='']
    [av_slideshow size='featured' animation='slide' autoplay='false' interval='30']
    [av_slide slide_type='video' id='' attachment=',' video='' mobile_image='' video_ratio='16:9' title='' link_apply='' link='lightbox' link_target='' autoplay='false' video_controls='true' video_mute='' video_loop=''][/av_slide]



    Unfortunately, the autoplay for videos is still not available. You can read Kriesi’s response here:

    Best regards,


    Hi, Ismael. That thread addresses the Full Screen Slider, but I was inquiring about the Easy Slider placed on a Content Section, and why the alteration in the code (autoplay=’false’) didn’t work.

    What about the background for the Layer Slider? I could use that, if I could get a colored content section. But the Layer Slider refuses to drag into the Content section. I tried adding a colored background to Layer Slider and changing the overall size, but that didn’t work either.
    A video that plays automatically, if it has sound, is really annoying to site visitors. I may not be able to use this theme as I had hoped. When will the update be available?




    I’ve asked Kriesi to comment on the topic since we don’t have a set schedule right now for updates. I agree with you though on the video’s autoplaying and I’m betting Kriesi does as well.



    Hi, Devin, and thanks for posting. I mentioned it on the Enfold Theme Forest page because I was replying to something else anyway, and Kriesi said yes, it will be available with next update. ( I don’t know how much you do with Vimeo, but I checked their site and it looks like they no longer have the option to show controls to stop a video. Looks like the best a person can do is hover and click pause to get it to stop playing.)

    I would like for the Layer Slider to be on a Color Section, but can’t drag the layer slider onto it. Will it not do that? I prefer to have a color background on which the video plays. This question hasn’t been addressed yet, so hopefully there’s a solution.

    Thanks :)



    Yes, the autoplay parameter is currently ignored, but we will take care of it with the next big update :)

    Layerslider on a color section does not work. truth to be told I am not sure why this would be necessary since you can set a background color/image for the slider anywas :)


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