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    Is there a way to update the theme and keep all the settings? I know in the new version there is an import/export function, but in the old one, there isn’t. Can I do this manually? Now, after the update, the whole site was messed up, so I had to roll back.


    Hi jooch5!

    All theme settings are saved in the WordPress database. Updating the theme files doesn’t change your settings. See:

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    Thx for your answer. But how do you explain that after the theme update, the homepage is empty, the main menu isn’t showing anymore etc. It changes the wordpress settings. I had to use a backup of the db to get the site running again.
    Also, the new functions.php file causes white screens in the WP backend…

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    There would have to be something else going on in order for that to happen.

    If for instance the theme name was changed then the data wouldn’t be tied to the newly updated theme unless the name was changed before updating.


    The only thing I can think of is that I am using a child theme setup, could this be the problem?


    The child theme settings would also be tied to that child theme name but updating from within WordPress with the Child theme active shouldn’t cause any loss of settings (unless the theme or child theme name were changed when updating).


    Once again, I tried to update the theme to a new version. This time, I kept the ‘enfold’ folder on the server, deleted all the content, uploaded the new enfold files inside the existing enfold folder. The existing child theme wasn’t touched, is still active and was not renamed. Still, (again) the WordPress settings in, for example, settings/read/ ‘ homepage shows’ are empty! So updating (manually) DOES change things… What can be possibly going on here?

    Also – after the update, all the homepage examples are no longer working, showing blank pages (without error messages).

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    Again, there must be some other conflict or something going on. That simply isn’t how WordPress updates options. All theme settings are tied to the theme name and when you update there is nothing telling WordPress to do anything with the settings.

    I’ve updated literally hundreds of client and users sites and have not once had theme settings or WordPress settings re-set when updating. Even on my dev install where I have all of Kriesi’s themes I don’t lose settings when updating all of the themes at once and moving between the themes to test out features and questions.

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    Hi Devin,
    does this mean with the export/import function of enfold (I have V 2.7) I would in general not need to create a child theme (as normally recommended) in order avoid issues with theme updates?

    thx in advance for your recommendation/info!



    You wouldn’t as long as you don’t touch any theme core files (like functions.php).



    hey Josue,
    thx- I would only use the various settings in the backend for shaping the theme – I assume this will not change those core files, right (I am not an expert, sorry :-)?

    Just to make everything right, my procedure for updates w/o loosing a.m. customization would then be:
    Adjusting the layout in current version
    exporting the theme setting file
    install updates – as well valid for both theme and WP updates? –
    import theme setting file

    Regards Tilman



    Yes in that case it’s fine, settings normally don’t get lost (as Devin said it only happens when the theme folder name is changed), do the import only if you see something unexpected.



    Hi Devin, thanx for your answer!

    I think I found the problem. After the update, the Layerslider was having problems, when clicking on a specific slide, there was a message saying some php components might be missing, causing pages to go blank. I have succesfully moved the entire WP installation to a new server and now everything seems to work. Thought I should give you a heads up. :)

    Regards, Jochem

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