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    I’m setting up a slider and I cant figure out how to prevent the text from scaling up in size along with the background image as the browser window is scaled up in size. This wouldn’t be a problem except the text begins to overlap a section of the background image which makes it illegible after it hits about 1400px wide. I’d like the text to behave the same way as your shop demo slider here: (the 3rd one in with the picture of the man and woman). This slider has the text remain the same size unless it drops down below a certain dimension, but it never scales up in size. How can I set it up this way?


    Hi cogitocorp!

    Could you please provide us with a temporary admin login so that we can take a closer look? You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.



    I think I figured out how to prevent the text from scaling by setting a size for “responsive under” to 1280px in the slider settings. Now the issue I’m having is when the browser is stretched above 1280px wide and above (like on a large iMac screen) the background image scales up, but is cropped within a 560px height. It’s not a big deal until you reach 1500px or so and above, at that point the iMac in the background begins to get cropped weirdly. Is there a way to make it scale uniformly in a vertical direction as well without being cropped like this?
    Here’s the home page:




    Thank you for the info. Looks like you set the image as the slide background. Layer slider automatically adjust the image to keep it responsive but in a few cases, it will stretch the image to a displeasing proportion. Try to add the image as a layer instead. Do you have the PSD file of that graphic material? Can you still separate the objects ( monitor, screens, info bar etc)? I think it’s better if you add those elements as layers like the enfold default layer slider demo:


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