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    If I use a shortcode to insert a Layer Slider inside of Tab it doesn’t work. But if I place the slider ON the page AND insert the shortcode inside a tab, it SORTA works – but it creates two overlapping sliders that act bizarre (doubles buttons, weird transparencies, etc)

    What is the correct way to insert a slider into a Tab?


    Went into debug mode via instructions in another post and tried to use the shortcode that appears in under the template builder when you insert a layerslider on the page, like this [av_layerslider id=’10’] into one of the Tabs inside the popup Tab editor, but it just threw a fatal error at : ……../enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow_layerslider.php on line 121

    Anything else I can try? Feels like it’s possible.


    Also just tried nesting it within the AV shortcodes on under the main template builder, similar to this :

    [av_tab title='Our Students' icon_select='no' icon='']
    [av_layerslider id=’10’]

    Still got the fatal error.


    Is there a way to use “display:none” inline with [av_layerslider id=’10’] inside the AV shortcode editor under the template builder? I think maybe that might fix it. I just don’t know what the syntax would be and don’t want to break my WordPress.


    I’m trying to see if other responsive sliders will work within a tab, and they sorta do. When set to responsive/scaling they resize too tiny to see, if you click to the tab with the slider from another tab.

    So . . . is there a way to dynamically refresh the size of tab when you click it, or force it to always be a certain minimum height via media queries, even when hidden/closed? I think that would be an ok workaround.

    Hopefully we can find a solution soon. Thanx.



    Sorry for the delay. You can’t use the Layer Slider inside the tab or any other elements. You can use the Easy Slider instead. Another thing is, the layerslider shortcode is not working so you have to insert the slider using the Advance Layout Editor.




    Hmmm, ok. Then how do I insert an Easy Slider INSIDE a tab or Accordion so that it’s still responsive but scales up properly from a closed tab state?



    Can you show a page with your experiments so we can try some things with css.




    Sure, could you post an email to send a link to? It’s a client site and I don’t want to post it publicly. Thank you.



    My email is usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com … I usually wrap urls of clients in , so that way origin is unknown on analytics and doesn’t show up on google itself..




    Hi Nick,

    Just sent you an email with the link ( still says everything is public, so I’m wary of that).

    Thought I had a workaround, but it didn’t work :( So I’m back to trying to put the slider (easyslider or otherwise) inside the tab. Unless there’s a way to control the slider position with a link? I THOUGHT deeplinking would do that, but it doesn’t seem to work as I’d hoped.

    My scenario for the workaround was, (1) I have several tabs (2) When I click on one of those tabs, I’d like the slider to move to a corresponding position. Seemed like deeplinking should work here, but no luck. Conversely, I’d like the tab to change if the user slides to a certain point in the slider.



    Hi, prevents the link from being indexed since it is hidden within, so if someone searches for the domain , it will not be found. Analytics of course could find it.

    I checked my email, and see nothing referencing this post.



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