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    I noticed the Testimonials are only available to be used in one page, and if I use Testimonials in another page, I need to re-enter everything single testimonial again. I’d like to have all testimonials entered, edited and managed at one place and be able to use them where ever I need in the site. Is this something the theme already supports or do I need to get a Testimonials plugin to do so? Am I missing anything here?

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    The same question applies to FAQs. It is even more important for us to maintain just one FAQs at one place and be able to reference it where we need.

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    That would be a little too difficult (not impossible) to do because the testimonials and FAQ are actually [shortcodes], not something that you can store as posts, i’m pretty sure a regular WP Developer freelance could do it easily.





    I saw the testimonial is implemented this way at, do you think it’s a good way to have ppl sent testimonials using a form?

    And do you have any good plugin to recommend?



    Hi yukanl,

    Follow these steps

    Then you’ll get the raw output for your advanced layout editor layouts which you can then copy out individually to another page. Just be careful copy out the whole section you want and to not introduce any incorrect code since this is the raw data and can break the whole pages layout a bit more easily (just like working with regular shortcode layouts).




    Thanks Devin. I already enabled the debug mode and found it to be very useful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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