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    Hi Team Kriesi,

    Enfold is a really great theme. The site is up and everyone is happy. I am just trying to figure out a few things that don’t seem to be working.

    One of them I need to resolve is the Facebook Preview Thumbnail.

    I searched for similar support threads, and your overall recommendation was to install SEO by Yoast to manage the preview images.

    We installed the plugin but it does not work. We also assigned the Facebook admin in the social settings. It might be something we did wrong on our end but we can’t figure out how to assign a featured thumbnail.

    When we post the Homepage on Facebook, its pulling the three images from the Easy Slider. Ideally we would like it to grab the image we assigned as the “Featured Image”.

    Please let us know if you can think of a solution. Again, your theme is awesome and the support has been tremendously great.


    Hi tkcenter!

    The answer is still the same as what you’ve found unfortunately. The theme has no way to tell Facebook specifically what image to use. Plugins like Yoast will attempt to tell Facebook what to use but it isn’t always 100% reliable.

    You could try getting Facebook to re-scan the page by checking the url here however:

    Best regards,


    I was wondering if you could use the “Code Block” content elements to set an image for Facebook Preview Thumbnail?


    You could try it but its still not something we have any control over. Facebook and how it reads your OG tags/data determines what shows up when you link a page or post to facebook.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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