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    No matter if I have an image aligned left or right, as soon as I hover over the image in a post/page it breaks the word wrap and the text drops below the image.



    Can you give us a link to the issue? I can’t seem to reproduce the issue.




    Sure, just hover over any of the images on these pages, or anywhere on my site:




    Hi jaypopsu,

    I’m not getting that effect at all when viewing those pages. Is it happening in a specific browser or OS?




    I just tested it at home, on a Mac, using both Chrome and FF. I originally posted from work where I’m on a PC and it happens in both Chrome and FF. It happens when I’m logged in to WP and when I’m not logged in.

    I honestly have no idea how it’s not do that for you.

    When I just move the mouse over any of those images, they move and the text “adjusts”.


    Alright, just to add. I clicked on the links that I provided and it opened a new tab and the “affect” doesn’t do it. However, I have those pages open in another tab and it does it. Now I’m really confused. Any suggestions?


    OK, just tested. I opened a new FF, cleared cache, went directly to site by typing in url http://polettofit.com/2013/what-is-ultimate-reset and it happens. They only time it doesn’t happen is when I click on a link that I provide you in this thread, wth?

    I’m going to test to see if it does it by clicking on the link I just put in this reply.


    Very strange. I’ve tried to replicate it now in all of my available browsers in various browser states and am still not getting it.


    Thanks so much. I just got back to work and tried it and am not having the issue. All I can think is that it was a cached problem.

    Thanks again for looking at it. I appreciate your patience.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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