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    Hi there,
    On my homepage slider, I set Slider width 100% and height 470. My image size is 1030×360 per the Documentation for a full width slider with no sidebar. The problem is when the Browser window is stretched all the way from left to right to fill up the monitor space, I noticed the image of the slider moves up which causes the top of the image to be cut off under the header bar. Anyway to fix this?

    Also, other than adding: add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 100;}); to the function.php, is there any other way to ensure that WP doesn’t compress the images I’m uploading for the Gallery or Home Slider? Seems like this template still compresses my photos, especially in the Gallery when it’s smaller, looks a bit blurry, but clear when viewed in Lightbox. Please advise. Thanks again.

    Please view my draft site at:


    Hi Khoa!

    The browser/image compression you are seeing is just from using images that are then constrained by the css containers. There is no way around that with a responsive theme.

    For the slider, a full width slider with no sidebar is going to be whatever the width of the current window. So going up to something more like 1920 width would at least give the image full resolution on most large screens. The clipping is just a result of the image stretching to match the full width container which will cause the edges of the top/bottom to get hidden depending on the exact size of the browser.

    Best regards,


    Hey, thanks for the response.
    You mean instead creating my slider image size of 1030 x 360, I should extend the width to 1920 x 360? But in the Global Settings, I leave the “Slider Width” at 100% correct? As for image quality, even when I added the code in the function.php for jpg compression to 100%, that doesn’t do anything huh?

    I was hoping to adjust where when stretching out the browser window size, that the image would expand, but retain the top and bottom position and expand outward proportionally.

    Also, is there a way to add a short mail form in the Widget area? Would like to add an E-mail Subscribe Form, as in just an E-mail Field with a Submit button. I rather not go with a 3rd Party Plugin for this. Let me know. Thanks.

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    Yes, 1920px wide and whatever height you want. The 100% width means the image will always be stretched to fit the size of the window.

    The slideshow doesn’t have the option to choose where the image is constrained as far as I know so that wouldn’t be an option.

    For a contact form in a widget you would need to use a third party plugin.

    Best regards,

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