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    Hi all,

    i got a Problem with the Layout Architekt which is a really annoying.
    I want to build a page looking like this:

    | ———–HEADER————–|

    Hope you get the Deal.

    To do so i first add the Layout Elements, all fine. Then i start to fill them with Stuff. Everything looks good till i start to publish the whole thing. After i hit that Button most of the Work disappears and the stuff that stays goes in the first 1/1 Element.

    I tried with different Browsers and Stuff but i dont get it. I hope this is possible, otherwise it would be totally needless.

    Thanks for helping me out.


    To make it more clear i did following screenshots:

    1) created the layout

    2) filled the layout with content

    3) that is what it looks like after i hit the publish button. all is gone!

    come on guys.. i really need to know what i can do to solve this. is this possible or is just one layout at once possible?

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    Please check the html markup. Make sure that there are no unclosed tags. Please post the link of the actual page here. Increase the wordpress php memory limit. Refer to this link.



    thanks for your reply.
    i increased the php memory but the problem is stil there. i am not able to save that stuff more than one time. every time i make a change all is gone.

    it would be the best you give me a mail adress where i can send you some temp login information so you can try it by yourself. here is a link to the page but you want see too much.



    Post the temp login as a private reply, only you and us (support staff) will see it.


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