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    My “home” page has all of the sudden a different layout. I’ve done some updates and afterwards it changed (boxed layout instead of fullwidth). It should look like all the other sites, meaning fullwidth. The settings are right, I haven’t changed anything there. Also when you scroll down the sub menu changes weirdly. Can someone help me out?



    Hi Aline!

    The password could not work.can you please check it out.
    The only possible way is to revert the page back, to a previous version.
    You can also do that alone, from the page options.

    Best regards,


    It’s correct. I logged in with this password but it took me a couple times until it worked; it didn’t work the first time. Maybe try it again.
    Is it because of the updates or why did this happen? What exactly are the changes that I have to make?


    I’ve restored my homepage, it’s ok again. Do certain updates cause a change? How can I find out which ones?



    Updating the theme should not cause such issues. If it happens again, you can try going to Enfold theme options and save it to regenerate stylesheet


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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