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    On our home page we are using Layerslider WP to create rotating banners. We have a 2048px × 499px image and my monitor is set to 1920×900 in responsive view. The image is being scaled to 3001px × 731px. If I set my monitor to 1280×600 it scales the image to 1993px × 486px. So the images are looking distorted and taking up too much of the screen.

    If we put in a smaller image we get a proportional upscaling.

    Why is the template scaling the image like that? It should not scale it larger than my monitor is set to and distort the design.



    We can’t access your website, please provide us the access.



    When the pop-up window displays put:



    It looks like you’ve set the width larger than the photo so its getting stretched as a background image to fit the largest space.

    Check that slides global settings and you can adjust as needed.



    On the Layerrslider WP settings for that slide the width and height are both blank.
    Is that where you mean? Where would I find the “Global” settings for that slider?



    I really don’t see the issue on my end because of my screen resolution. It is a lower than yours. Can you please post a screenshot of the issue? You can find the global settings on LayerSlider WP > Select a slide > Global Settings.

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    Here is a picture from global settings. It is set to 1300 x 400. The image is 1700×441 and with my monitor set to 1920×900 it is scaling the image to 2491×607. With those global settings it should not have scaled it larger than 1920 wide.
    When I set my monitor to 980×1280 it scales it to 1262×307. Always
    When we used a 2048px wide image on a 1920px monitor it scaled to over 3000px wide.

    The template is looking at the size of the image rather than the size of the monitor. It seems like the image should be scaled to fit the monitor regardless of image size.

    Here os the image of the General settings and below it a screenshot from my browser showing wht the image is doing:
    slider global settings

    Here is the image from my browser showing how it is being scaled:
    Home page scaling


    Heres a screen shot of what happens to the 1700px x 441px image on a monitor set at 980×1280 (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -set-at-980×1280.jpg


    From the sound of it I think this may be an issue of the plugin and not something we have a fix for on our end. I played with it for a bit now and I don’t see any other options for specifically setting the background width while maintaining the same responsive adjustments.

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    Are you zooming the browser out when you have the 1920×900px screen resolution? The width of the background image should be 1920px too unless you zoom out the browser screen. The background image on the layer slider will always stretch across the browser screen.

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