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    Hello and thanks again for making an awesome theme!

    I was wondering how to hide the featured image from showing up at the top right of the screen. I used display: none, and it hid, but it is showing up randomly still. I am also worried that based on the @media, I might not be hiding it properly for all the different codes. Please let me know what is the best way to do a universal display: none on certain elements of the site.

    If you are able to provide the PHP script for me to add to remove this feature entirely, I would prefer that greatly as it is much better for SEO purposes.

    Thanks again!


    Hey addwebtoday!

    How are you? I hope you’re doing well today.

    Please use this to remove the featured images:

    .big-preview, .small-preview {
    display: none !important;



    Thank you for your response Ismael. I just put this code in and it is not working. Below is a link to the page where the error is showing. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -tabitha/

    The odd thing about this is that the featured image isn’t showing up automatically everywhere on the site. It only started showing up on this page when I modified the YouTube video size. Somehow, it triggered this issue, but actually not sure if they are related.

    Please let me know what is causing this.

    Thank you again!



    I have just checked your website and featured image is not visible on my end
    Have you figured it out already?

    Best regards,


    Yes thank you! Please feel free to close this ticket

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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