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    I used another theme in the past and it automatically hid the actual email address on the page via javascript – well, the email address was still visible but not to spam bots etc. Is this a feature of Enfold?




    Hi Andrew,

    In what regard? Inside regular text elements or in the visual editor no there is no auto hide feature or anything like that. If you mean somewhere else we can check into it.




    Hello and thanks for the reply.

    What I mean is with another theme that I use whenever I put and email address in, be it in a text field or a custom contact widget there is some javascript element that basically changing the email address so that it is not readable via the backend for spam bots etc, but, from the front end it still looks and works like an email link.

    If you have no problem with me naming the other theme then it might help?




    In the contact forms no, your email address is not shown. Everywhere else it would just be read as plain text or a normal link which doesn’t have any special treatment.


    Ok, thanks for letting me know. I think there is a plugin that might hide the actual address.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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