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    Enfold is a powerful theme with great features. Thank you for coding it very well! :) However, I don’t think the shopping cart view box that appears briefly in the top right corner, after adding an item to the cart, is enough for people to notice “how” to find their items in the cart.

    Will you help me with this suggestion below?

    When someone adds a product to the cart, instead of the box appearing in the top right corner for a short moment, have the box to be shown at the center of the screen for a few seconds, and then float to the position of where the cart icon is at on the top right of the page. Can you help me with this? This would draw peoples attention to where it is at and be a great benefit for the shoppers.

    My second suggestion:

    When there are numerous items added to the cart, and someone mouses over the cart icon to view their items, the drop down box is too long and goes down the page too far, even going past the bottom of the screen when a lot of items are in it.

    Is it possible when someone hovers over the cart icon in the top right corner, that it simply shows the drop down box with “View Cart” and “Checkout” buttons?

    Thank you again for a clean coded theme. I previously used a theme from themeforest that was coded very bad, and slowed our site down with way too many http requests, etc.,.. Your template is a very fast loading template and I appreciate the work it took to get that done!



    Hi grpetz!

    1) You can request such feature here
    2) Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    #top .cart_list.product_list_widget { display: none; }

    Best regards,


    Thank you for the code and I added the request.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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