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    Hi guys!
    I made the header custom size. When I click on an anchor link content scroll down and header cover the content. Please ask how can i do the scroll to anchor +100px? Sorry for my English :) Thx.


    Hey Vadim_AV,

    Could you provide us with a link to the site in question so that we can take a closer look please?

    Best regards,


    site and images



    Try opening up /enfold/js/avia.js and find line 268 which should look like this.

    offset: (parseInt($('.html_header_sticky #main').data('scroll-offset'), 10)) + ($(".html_header_sticky #header_main_alternate").outerHeight()) + ($(".html_header_sticky.html_header_unstick_top_disabled #header_meta").outerHeight()) + 1 + parseInt($('html').css('margin-top'),10),

    Try changing it to this.

    offset: (parseInt($('.html_header_sticky #main').data('scroll-offset'), 10)) + ($(".html_header_sticky #header_main_alternate").outerHeight()) + ($(".html_header_sticky.html_header_unstick_top_disabled #header_meta").outerHeight()) + 1 + parseInt($('html').css('margin-top'),10) - 100,



    Hey guys,
    I do this, but it doesn’t work.
    On the first page scroll work perfect to the next section.

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    Elliott, Rikard any ideas? Please guys it’s very important for me.


    it doesn’t work because the button is located in the google map shortcode. Then i put the button in the body everything work perfect.



    I’m not sure what you mean by your last post, did you manage to get your problems fixed?



    Sorry Rikard. No i don’t solve the problem. i need to scroll from google map to page anchor link, but it doesn’t work. Please help me.


    You can see, i add two identical buttons on page. One in google map short code, another in body. They work differently, how to fix it?


    Hey guys, have some news?



    Sorry, I’m not sure if it’s possible to implement that change from within an iframe (google maps).


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