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    New client login page: https://onesourcebackground.com/client-login/
    I am attempting to build a client login page for our clients to access our system for their specific account.
    Here is our homepage: https://onesourcebackground.com/
    And if you click the button in the upper right corner labeled “Client Login” it takes you to another webpage that isn’t branded. This is the current client login. I hate it. We spoke with our vendor about this and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. Ideally, I’d prefer to build a page with a Gravity Form, etc. So now I’m looking at iframing this url onto one of our pages. It seems to be working (see New client login page). I can now add some content and at least the login box is on one of our pages.

    The problem I’m running into is that I can’t seem to get the “Contact Support” button or any other links on the page to work. It’s as though this login is overriding everything else. Note the spinning in the browser. Is there anything I can do with regards to the code, design or layout to fix this? It would be nice if clients could click the button and have it go to another page to contact us if they have login issues. Please and thank you!


    So I figured out a work around. You have to select Cancel on the login and then the window goes away and then all of the other links can be clicked.

    But now I have a different issue which I’m sure is beyond your support but I would truly appreciate your tech help. When someone submits their login information, the window is super tiny with no scrolling. I don’t need the logged in user dashboard to display on this same page. Is there a script I can add that would trigger a new window with the logged in dashboard when someone hits the submit button aka, “Login”?

    Ideally it should go from this:

    And open to this in a new window or tab:



    I get a prompt asking for user and pass, could you post those details in private please?



    @Rickard I don’t think you need login information for this. However, I supplied a temporary one below. Again I just need the code, jquery and/or CSS that will open a logged in user’s dashboard to appear in a new window or tab. I’m not sure if it’s even possible. I truly appreciate your help!



    Please change the link for the client login button to the one below add “?iframe=true” to the end of a link to open it in lightbox.




    I modified the link but it didn’t do anything. Perhaps I didn’t do it correctly. I included a login in case you want to take a look at the actual page. See below. Thanks so much for your help!!



    @Rickard I don’t think you need login information for this. However, I supplied a temporary one below. Again I just need the code, jquery and/or CSS that will open a logged in user’s dashboard to appear in a new window or tab. I’m not sure if it’s even possible. I truly appreciate your help!

    If I understand correctly, you’re trying to open the link of the “client-login” button in another tab or window. Is that correct? Replace the button shortcode in the Header Phone Number/Extra Info with the actual html markup of the button plus the target attribute:

    <div class="avia-button-wrap avia-button-center "><a target="_blank" href="https://www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu" class="lightbox avia-button  avia-icon_select-no avia-color-theme-color avia-size-small avia-position-center  mfp-iframe"><span class="avia_iconbox_title">Client Login</span></a></div>

    Best regards,



    We have setup a private test page link in private content.

    This setup is tested on our installation and it opens the external links in lightbox correctly however on your site it is just showing a empty lightbox.

    We need to check if it is due to a conflict with a 3rd party plugin.
    To find the plugin in conflict please follow the below steps

    1. Goto plugins page > Deactivate all active Plugins
    2. Updated WordPress and Enfold to latest version if you have not.
    3. Activate one plugin at a time… refresh the page and check for the issue.
    4. Make sure the plugins are all updated



    Is lightbox the only option? If I wanted it to open in a smaller window I could just apply width and height and scroll bars, etc. Ideally, I’d prefer the window to be full browser size. That is why I was asking if there was a way to open in a new tab.

    I did some more digging on Google and came across this code:
    <iframe src="https://www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu" onload="this.width=screen.width;this.height=screen.height;">


    After log in (use log in information from previous post to see client dashboard), the frame/container is much better. At least it’s not tiny. However, all the other Enfold elements on the page disappeared. Including the footer. So for the time being, I just removed all the other elements so it’s just the Code Block element with the above code.

    Now I will say this it’s a huge improvement to the current login which has no branding what so ever:

    At least clients see they are still on the One Source website and they can navigate to other areas of our website. And testing indicates functionality is the same after a client is logged in.

    Do you know why the code would remove the footer? Is there any modifications I could apply to the code to allow the footer and other elements to show up on the page?




    Did you try the other solution above? It will open the link on a new tab instead of a lightbox. https://kriesi.at/support/topic/help-with-iframe/#post-604232



    @Ismael: I learned that the login (https://www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu) looks different depending on the browser being used. I used Chrome but my coworkers use Firefox. This is what I sent to my manager:

    I checked this on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I wasn’t aware of the differences the browsers make to the original link. When you click the current Client Login button in Chrome it opens up www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu in a new tab and it’s a blank white page with the login. If you click Cancel in Chrome, 3 framed boxes appear in the upper left corner on a white page. If you click the Client Login button in Firefox or Safari, it opens on the current page you are on from our website. If you click Cancel in Firefox and Safari, it opens a blank white screen. All of them shows www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu in the address bar.

    By iframing the url onto one of my pages, I was hoping to give it some branding. We get clients who have login issues so it would be nice to offer some assistance, etc. That’s what I was hoping to do initially. But when the Client Login button was clicked on this newly created page, the logged in user dashboard opened up in a tiny container on the same page. Not ideal. I did not try your suggestion because you suggest changing Header Extra Elements. I plan to modify the button link in the Header Extra Elements once this Client Login page once we’re ready to share with clients. I am hoping to link to this page (www.onesourcebackground.com/client-login) in the Header Extra Elements

    I have since modified the page with the code I mentioned above:
    <iframe src="https://www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu" onload="this.width=screen.width;this.height=screen.height;">
    But it knocked out all the other elements INCLUDING the footer see Screenshot which I would like back. I’d prefer to add other elements which could be at the very bottom of the page – I just don’t know what changes to the code I’d need to make. At the very least, the login is now branded with the our website header and those logged in, could navigate to other pages on our site.

    Let me know if you have any ideas about getting Enfold elements to show up on this page. Thanks!



    We need access to the page. What is the username and password? Instead of opening the actual url (https://www08.8f7.com/4DACTION/WebShowMenu) on an iframe or lightbox, you created a client login page then embed the url in an iframe. Is that correct?



    Bad news! My supervisor forwarded my page onto our vendor who is responsible for that login url I’m trying to iframe. I was told that after this weekend they will be updating the code and security (due to a penetration test done) so it won’t support iframes. You guys write code. Is that possible?



    You might want to contact our partner, codeable: http://kriesi.at/contact/customization

    This is a real problem for two reasons, you won’t be able to embed it on the page and you won’t be able to open it in a lightbox.

    Best regards,

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