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    When I try to edit videos I’ve embedded via the page builder, they show up as live versions of my website (See here:

    Is there a way around this? I’m not able to change / remove the videos because of this. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari, and it is the same in both,

    Please help.


    Hi dkhollen,

    First thing to do is just to delete those sections with the X on the column element. Then, use the Video element from the Media section of the content builder to add in your videos.




    The X doesn’t appear anywhere, I’m not able to edit it at all – even to delete it. Here is a screenshot, not sure why the other one didn’t work:

    Any reason why this may be happening?



    Maybe you need to create it from scratch. Delete the page then start again. Can you give us a link to the sample vimeo video?




    Here is a link to the front page of the image above:

    Here is the Vimeo video:

    I am a videographer, so I’d rather not have to delete the page and recreate it from scratch anytime I want to feature a new video – surely there is another option / solution?

    I will add, all of my Vimeo videos appear this way, not just on this page.


    What are the exact steps you are doing right now to add a video? This isn’t anything I’ve seen happen before so I’d like to try and re-create it to see whats going on.


    I simply use the page builder to build the page, adding columns, then using the ‘Video’ option from the ‘Media Elements’ options page, then using a Vimeo link.

    Please let me know if you figure out what is going on, I desperately need to get my new work up for potential clients to view.



    I’m not saying that you have to delete those every time you create a video page. I’m just saying you do it just for this particular page. I tested it on my end and the video shows fine.

    Please download Enfold 2.1.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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