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    HI Kriesi gurus

    So today I went in to update my user profile – I had been having some issues with it a couple weeks ago but I thought they were fixed. Now I can’t update my profile, can’t get the toolbar to show up, can’t edit anything. When I fx look at your kriesi profile on my site, the checkbox for the toolbar is checked and then immediately unchecks itself. What could be causing this? I tried deactivating all my plugins but no changes. I am wary of making a new user profile, or of deleting my exsiting one, as everything seems to default to some old settings – even the password is getting reused if I try to make a new user. Very frustrating. I don’t find any security problems.

    Can you take a look at your profile on my site and see if you have the same issues?

    UPDATE: this was only happening in CHROME and actually was affecting ALL my wp sites. I logged in on safari and was able to change the settings. Any idea what to do about this or what could be causing it? thanks!

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    Hi Nancy,

    If it’s only happening in Chrome I suspect it’s a caching issue, I logged in with the details you posted in Chrome and the edit bar is there when visiting the site itself.



    Thanks Ricard –
    what can I do about it if it’s a caching problem?
    I don’t see the same issues today…strange



    You can flush cache and refresh your page a few times. You can also open incognito mode ( CMD + Shift + N on Mac and CTRL + Shift + N on Windows )



    thanks it’s fixed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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