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    Hi Team I need your help!! Please!

    I wanted to add some descriptions below my menu items. I clicked Screen Options in the WP menu section and enabled Descriptions. I added my descriptions…no luck. I then search these forums and found out this solution (which actually made the problem worse – they are missing now!).

    I added the code to my functions.php added the css like it was mentioned and changed the code in helper-main-menu.php as described. I literally copied and pasted the code in the correct areas.

    However now my whole menu is missing. I tried going back to the old code but no luck?! Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to add some descriptions below my menu items.


    Hi msbllc!

    You most likely made a typo during the edit as it’s kind of a complex edit to begin with. Upload a fresh copy of the theme and try using pure CSS instead like so.

    li#menu-item-1561::after {
        content: "Testing testing";
        position: absolute;
        top: 60%;
        left: 15px;
        width: 300px;

    And keep copying / pasting that into your custom CSS and change the “1561” with the ID of each menu link.



    Elliott, thanks so much for taking the time!

    The menu seems to be back now, however it is now center aligned and vertical…it looks weird. You can see it overlaps on the slider. This seems to happen when I change the helper-main-menu.php file where I change the line of code.

    You can check out the link to our website to see what is happening. Do you know what I need to do to have the descriptions but make it horizontal like a typical navigation menu?



    Please try the following as well in Quick CSS:

    .home #layer_slider_1 {
        margin-top: 20px !important;

    Best regards,


    Rikard – much thanks sir!! That little bit helped. I really appreciate it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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