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    Manon Siersema

    Good day,
    Since 2017, a website for our company, Scionix, has been created using WordPress with the theme Enfold. This was maintained well until the web designer suddenly stopped working on it. The website is maintained through an external company in the sense that it runs it, plugins are updated etc etc. Since about 3 months, I get to try my best to customise and maintain the website. Now I bump into the following problem: The theme we are using is extremely outdated, we are still running on version and I can’t get it updated. I also followed the link for requesting a new token because the old one (obviously) no longer works, and followed the steps but even there I get an error namely: Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 – )
    Meanwhile, it has also become clear that using this version will be out of the question within a short period of time.

    Hopefully there is an option to issue a new token in the hope that the theme can move to the latest update.


    Hey Manon,

    If you are getting 403 errors, then the token doesn’t have the correct permissions. Please refer to this:

    Best regards,

    Manon Siersema

    Hello Rikard,

    Thank you very much for the response and apologies for the late response from my side. (flu)

    After following the instructions passed on, I keep running into the following problem, which are also indicated in the previous post (but perhaps not clear enough) there is no access on the website because I get the following message Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 – ).
    There is no way to log out and or create a new login, for example.
    By the way, this has been tried on multiple browsers.

    It is now unclear how to proceed.

    kind regards,


    Hi Manon,

    Please try to ask for help from Envato/Themeforest support for that issue since the problem seems to be coming from the account you are using, which we don’t have any way of checking on our system.

    Best regards,

    Manon Siersema

    thanks for the response. however, it is not as easily arranged as it makes it seem in the same response.

    what ultimately happens to the website if the update is not going to be updated because it simply cannot be arranged? Again there is no way to contact our web designer and ask for login details and whether Enfold was a free plug-in at the time or whether he did it under his name/account.



    Nothing will happen to your site if you don’t update it for a while, but eventually it might be that it’s no longer compatible with the server it’s hosted on. You might not be able to edit it, or it might not render at all. That might take a long time, but it’s very likely to happen if it’s not updated on a regular basis.

    If you can’t access the account which was used to purchase your theme license, then I would recommend that you purchase a new license. Otherwise you will have this same problem every time you want to update, or need to access the theme files.

    Enfold is not a plugin, it’s a theme, and it has never been free.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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