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    I’m currently developing a webpage for business purpose.

    but the webpage has problem with IE 8. the format is broken on IE 8 and some of my friends says the homepage does not show even on chrome too.

    I do not know how i should encounter this problem.

    the address is


    Hi slee7329,

    Try changing the option in your General Settings of the theme settings for Responsive Layout to “Responsive Layout Default” instead of the large layout.

    There are currently some issues with the larger layout which need to be addressed.




    thanks for your reply

    there are some chages but it still doen’t show up properly.

    a logo and menu bar are overlapped and some other tabs and buttons are still dislocated.


    Hi slee7329,

    Have you made any changes to the theme’s css files? There is something odd with the overall grid that I’m not seeing on my live install when trying to duplicate the same layout.

    There are definitely a few overlap issues with IE8 but there shouldn’t be the big alignment issue that seems to be happening.

    How do you have your homepage created? Is it with the advanced layout editor or shortcodes?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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