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    Hi, I’d like to know how can i change colors of my themes to other, no included in my 5 templates.. also if it’s possible how can i change language in some places on my site?? sorry for my english :-)



    1) You can search for the text you want to translate in the theme files. Tools like Notepad++ allow to search several files at once.

    2) Which areas/colors do you want to change?


    thanks for quick answer. I started translate my site, it’s quite difficult for me but not impossible!

    1) i want change background of alternate theme (style 5) , i already done part of taht, using background psd but bottom part of my background is black and i’d like to change taht.. don’t know how? :(

    2) Slider… How can i display images in slider on homepage but without “hotlinks”, and also how to hide post from slider on blog site? I have some problems with that.



    Can you post your site URL so we can see the modifications you’ve made so far?



    http://www.kredensalkohole.pl :) , obviously it’s under construction. I don’t know where can I change language of “Home” page button and “Send” in contact form. I greet and thank :) JJ

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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