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    1) I cannot get my header to show up on my website, no matter what I have tried.

    2) I signed up with the name Vantex long ago for another site, bought another copy of Enfold and it automatically named it “Vantex” as the main user for the site I am asking about. I want my name for my blog posts. Can you help me change that to Lynnie, rather than Vantex on the site I have provided below.


    Hey cfcre,

    There are 2 places where you can choose to hide or show the header.

    1. Go to Enfold theme options > Header
    2. Go to Dashboard > Pages > select your homepage > Edit and look on the right side of the page option you will see the layout options. At the bottom, you can make changes from header visibility and transparency.

    We can help you change the username on support forum however it appears you like to change it on your licence copy? In that case please get in touch with envato themeforest support. They will be able to help you.

    Best regards,


    Thank you! I got the header to show up!

    1) The header is now showing up but it is not transparent on the homepage, yet it is on the other pages. It’s showing up as white on the menu items. Where am I going wrong?

    2) Secondly, my font is Josefin Sans (which I put in under General Styling) but I am getting varied fonts, especially when I copy and paste from Word. Do I need code to make the body font be Josefin Sans? If so, can you provide that for me and tell me if I can simply add it to Quick CSS and have it work?

    Thank you!


    Hi cfcre,

    Do not ever copy paste directly from Word, you can paste the text to the Notepad first and then to the page. Word has many styles that get copied and applied to your pages.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for your response! I will copy and paste from notepad from hence forward.

    Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand the other parts of it.

    1) MY REAL ISSUE is that I am trying to get the body text to Josefin Sans and I am only given that choice (of Josefin Sans) with the heading font under general styling. And even having selected that, I’m still not getting Josefin Sans on the headings.


    I went to the forum and found what appear to be two different solutions but one involves changing the functions.php file which I tried for over an hour last night and was I was able to change it in notepad but it didn’t allow me to replace the functions.php file. And honestly, I was really concerned with doing that anyway as I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I was afraid I was going to break something.

    The second way I found in your forum was to copy this code into the Quick CSS under General Styling:
    body p { font-family: “Josefin Sans”; }

    I have added this to the Quick CSS and there is no change.

    This is pretty much all new to me so I’m super stumped. If there is CSS code you could give me to get the entire body text to be written in Josefin Sans, which I could easily copy and paste into the Quick CSS, that would be most helpful!

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you!



    I imported Josefin Sans to your body font using this in your child theme functions.php file:

    add_filter( 'avf_google_content_font', 'avia_add_content_font');
    function avia_add_content_font($fonts)
    $fonts['Josefin Sans'] = 'Josefin Sans:400';
    return $fonts;

    You will find the font at the bottom of the list under Enfold->General Styling->Fonts.

    Best regards,


    Thank you so incredibly mucho Rikard!!!!


    I know this sounds so newbie-ish, but I just have one last question regarding the font. How do I get the Josefin Sans font to become the font on the pages that are already created or new ones I create? I copied the text from the page and put it into notepad, then copied it back again. It still looks the same.

    I selected Josefin Sans from the dropdown, Enfold->General Styling->Fonts, and saved it.

    Then did what I mentioned above as the pages didn’t automatically change, and still haven’t even when copying the text to notepad and putting it back in again. What is the magic, please?!!!


    Hi cfcre,

    They should change. Maybe some elements have their own styles. Can you give us a link to a page with the issue?

    Best regards,


    Thank you, Victoria and all you helpful wondrous peeps at Kriesi!!

    I sent you a copy of one of the pages that hasn’t changed the font. None of them have but this will make it easier to see what I’m talking about.

    Thanks again!!



    Hi Lynnie,

    Thanks for the links and feedback, though your site seems to down at the moment? If you should need help getting it back up then your hosting provider should be able to restore it from a backup.

    Best regards,

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