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    Hi guys, sorry if I keep asking here I’m having a hard time with enfold.

    For the header portion, please see this image

    and my current site now is

    a. Header – Currently I’m using a background color for the header. I want a background image that repeats just like the image in my stash. The height is 100px but I can adjust it if someone here can recommend what is the ideal height for a gradient header background image ? I have tried in the enfold menu but the there’s a portion that repeats vertically so I’m guessing I need to either increase the height of the header background image or decrease the size of the header height ?

    b. Logo – I’m having a hard time uploading the logo correctly. It says I need to upload a 200 x 100 logo but when I do, it shrinks the logo. What is the ideal logo size especially if the logo is a transparent png like mine ? As of now this is the logo size I wanted but I want to be sure this is flexible in different browsers.

    I added this

    strong.logo {

    margin-top:20px ;


    c.) On mobile, I can’t view the portfolio item I have created but in my mac it works fine. In io6 or android chrome it shows a 404 error page.

    d.) The latest enfold version is 1.6 right ? I have downloaded it in themeforest and uploaded via ftp ( cyberduck ) and it’s pretty sluggish. When I check the version its still 1.5.1 ? Any thoughts on this ?

    e.) How do you hide the titles for the pages , I have hidden the breadcrums for you are now here etc. But the page title underneath the logo still shows up.


    For c : It’s fixed now and I can no longer see the error page. It must have been a bad install from the file I downloaded which is related to e.

    e. I have now updated to 1.6 , downloaded main file instead of installable wordpress file. Or maybe it was because I changed my ftp program to filezilla.


    I figured out you need to set it to 0px to remove the space occupied by the container.

    #top .title_container .container {



    To hide the title for pages.

    h1.main-title {

    display:none ;




    a.) The background image should be 88px in height.

    b.) Your logo looks nice. After uploading the logo, you can select sizes before clicking “Insert Image as logo”.

    c.) Your portfolio looks fine on mobile devices.

    Let me tag Devin to check your site on an actual mobile device.




    Ok thanks for the help, I’ll try this one


    Thanks Ismael.

    Background image now works , I think I forgot to pick scroll in the attachment. The transparent logo now looks good and I’m thinking of making it responsive depending if the shrink logo effect can be fixed.

    Portfolio works well now.



    Glad it worked. :)

    You can use Media Queries for the logo. The custom.css on Enfold 1.6 has a ready made Media Query script.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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