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    I also updated to 2.6. Love the features that are being added!

    I selected to move the logo to the center with menu below and nothing changed. In fact, none of the new header options w/ logo positioning appear to be working. I even removed all my custom CSS to test and still no change.

    UPDATE: It only appears to be working on a post entry. Does not work on home and pages.

    Thanks, you guys always come through!


    same problems with the header for me :(


    Rolling back to 2.5 is not working.


    If you have a custom header.php in a child theme folder, you will need to remove it and add your customisations to a copy of the new header.php as it has changed considerably between the versions. That’s what caused all of my header display problems.


    in my case allready do that


    @meanster99, and if we don’t have that file?


    I am using a nearly fresh installation with a child theme. I only changed colors and the logo.

    The header has changed and the configuration dialog does not work:
    During the configuration there is no update of the preview.
    After save the header looks the same, independent from the configuration parameters: headline and social icons on the left
    Only the pixel header size config has a weird effect: there is additional space BELOW the header in the size of the configured header height.


    Hey Guys!

    if you got any issues with the configuration please post your login credentials in a private reply so we can take a look at the issue in your backend :)

    Also please note that any previous modifications via quick css, custom css or header.php file might cause issues with the new header editor so if you have done something like that either reverse it first or please at least note it when posting your details :)

    Best regards,


    Oh my god!

    After updating, my enfold-child custom style.css does not work at all.
    Our website looks very poor now.

    Please let me know urgently how to fix.

    Bast regards,
    Hojoon Cho


    I created a website with only pages set as NO HEADER, NO FOOTER. After update a stroke appears at the top of the pages.

    I reset my website to 2.5 to temporarely solve the issue.

    Best Regards



    hojoon: mind telling me what exactly the problem is? looks fine for me in chrome…

    station1: without a link to the site or a screenshot I have no way of identifying the problem :) Mind dropping me some of those?



    Hi Kriesi

    In first, I would like to install version 2.5.4 again, because I have no time now.
    Could you send me ‘version 2.5.4’ ? I did not save it in my PC.
    my email: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Best regards,
    Hojoon Cho


    I confirm some problems, I upgraded to 2.6 but I have a lot of problems with header header.
    I use child theme, I disabled my custom CSS and Header Menu but do not work as before.
    Also, if I set the logo to the right and save nothing happens. I deleted the browser cache but same problem.
    Maybe there is something wrong with this update. Please check.

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    I had header issues, but this is because I used a child theme and completely modified the header. Most of the content is now in a file under /includes/helper-main-menu.php so I copied it into my child theme and modified it.

    My problem though, is that the new update doesn’t read some of the changes I’ve made to the style.css file in the child theme after the rest of the file, and so it is messing with the site. Is there a way to change the order like before so the child theme css will load last?


    My site is (u: stalingrad p: faces)

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    Also updated one of my sites to 2.6 but the header became a mess. I use the logo left – menu below option. In Chrome the menu was placed across the logo. Downgraded to 2.5.4 and the site looks fine again. I think I’ll better wait till the issues in 2.6 are solved before I update any other of my sites.



    how to downgrade to the previous version because my header is a mess since the update.

    To i need to transfert the old version to overwrite this update 6


    to downgrade, do i just ftp all files from the version before to overwrite the upgrade

    thanks for your advise


    Hey guys!

    Version 2.6.1 is already out now. please do an update and let me know if it helps. If it does not: please post a link to your site as well as the login credentials to your site in a private reply if you didnt already do that


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    without the link to your site there is no way your access data is going to help me :D

    Best regards,

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    Just checked your site: you are using a child theme with header.php file which overwrites the new header.php file and therefore the styles are not applied. you need to base your child themes header.php file on the new one :)


    Fantastic, you are the expert

    everything work




    after upgrading to 2.6.1 my header looks ugly (low resolution) and crunched (the format is distorred) on my iPhone:
    Further more, the social icons and the menu are on the blog logo!
    Note: I eliminate all custom CSS, but the issues still resist….

    Please, help me to resolve these issues!

    Gee Are


    Hi Kriesi

    Thanks a lot for your prompt update v.2.6.1.
    After updating, my custom style.css of child theme is working correctly.
    But, the header of my english pages is not working correctly.
    I am use WPML.

    -Header fixed: Korean language:
    -Header not fixed: English language:

    One more problem.
    Text location in LayerSlider WP dose not work as before.
    Some texts moved to incorrect location or disapeared.

    Please help me.

    Best regards,

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