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    Hi all!

    Since the most recent update my navigation header “hides” on load and there are three social share buttons no matter how many times I turn them off. It’s supremely frustrating and I’m not sure what to do. The site is here: tmn.biklopsclients.com

    Any help would be HUGE! I have no idea what to do about this. Thank you!


    i have the same issue!

    thanks for a solution, or i have to play a backup in!

    EDIT – it is at my site only in the HEADER MENUE BELOW settings

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    The Enfold starting from 2.6 update has a new header options. You might want to remove all css modifications that you added for the header. Configure the header settings again on Enfold > Header. You’ll see more header options like header height, logo position, menu position, extra element etc.

    Best regards,


    My menu has gone off to the side and is now vertical rather than horizontal??



    Please try to re-install WordPress

    Best regards,


    Mine went vertical too, AND I have social buttons turned off and they are on. That’s more than a .css conflict. We also lost all of our jquery-based customizations to the header. I understand if you broke my javascript but how do I turn off the social buttons when the back-end header options menu does not appear to be affecting it at all?


    Hey Yigit,
    I have the same issue than @aaronlandreth and watching your answer, I’m not really clear on why re installing WordPress is needed for a theme update?
    Currently I’ve rolled back to 2.5.4 which is ok for me.
    Best regards


    Hey @Simple can you tell me how you did the roll-back?

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    Hey @biklops
    I’ve made a backup of my enfold directory before the update. I’ve retransfered it by a classic FTP transfer.


    Thanks @simple! I think I have a backup.


    Ok tried a reinstall of wordpress and still have the same result with the menu being vertical. Any other thoughts?



    : You can disable the social icons on Enfold > Header > Extra Elements > Header Social Icons > select No social icons.

    The css modifications that you did on the header for the previous versions of Enfold might be rendered useless because Kriesi modified the header layout a lot. If you’re using a child theme and copied the header.php file on your child theme folder then you might want to delete it. Copy the header.php again from the parent theme folder. You can now find the header layout codes like menus, social icons, logo etc on includes > helper-main-menu.php. Please reconfigure the header settings using the new header modifier.



    Any thoughts as to why my menu has gone vertical? My website: http://skopecam.com


    Sigh. We are using a child theme just for this reason — so we can customize with faith that we can update the theme without breaking our site. No luck, substantial changes to header file have wrecked havoc after updating today. Header menus and social icons all messed up — it kills our child header.php. Trying to sort out, but will likely submit as separate support request. Very frustrating to have this level of theme change that breaks child themes.


    @drjill agreed! This seems like a serious oversight by the Enfold team and real bummer. This decision to contradict the way child themes are intended to work just set my team back a few days and that’s just not cool really.

    I’ve mentioned this several times already but I have header>extra elements set to not show social icons but it still does. Seems broken.



    : I checked the website but I don’t see any social icons there. Did you just hide it via CSS or the new header options work?

    : We’re really sorry about that. We’re just trying to improve the users’ overall experience with Enfold by giving you more options like the ones we added for the header options. A lot of users were requesting for css modifications like header height, logo position, social icons position, phone numbers etc because they are not available on the previous header options. Now, you can do all those things without adding any css or changing any code. There will be certain setbacks but we hope that you appreciate Kriesi’s efforts.

    Anyway, you can recopy the header.php file from the parent theme folder and replace the one that you have on your child theme. You can find most of the header codes like logo, menu etc on includes > helper-main-menu.php file.


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    Thank you for your understanding. First, if you don’t mind, please post a screenshot on how you want the header to look like. This will give us a good reference on where to start. Weird thing is if you’re using the Logo left, menu right option, the “header_main_alternate” container should not be visible but it is in your end which tells me that you haven’t change the menu and logo position or you added it manually. I’m not sure why there are two instances of the social icons. For a temporary fix, you can remove the top social icons by using this on Quick CSS or custom.css:

    #header_meta > div > ul.social_bookmarks {
    display: none;

    Remove the bottom social icon with this:

    #header_main ul.social_bookmarks {
    display: none;

    We’ll be happy to give you any assistance after we have taken a look at the screenshot. If you don’t mind creating a new topic for this matter so that we can close this topic, that would be great.


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