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    Hello guys,

    So I have a 3 part question, hoping you guys can help me out. Heres one of my pages

    1. How can I change the font of my main menu sub level links to match the main menu links font which is Righteous?

    2. Since I have some full width elements and/or color section on most of my pages, unfortunately I am unable to use a proper sidebar on the right as I had originally hoped to do. Instead, the workaround I came up with was to use a FULL WIDTH SUB MENU at the top of my pages. I have set it to be “sticky” and it seems to be the solution we must go with, BUT, when scrolling down and the header shrinks, some of the text from the SUB MENU gets cut off. How can this be fixed?

    3. There is an extra bar at the very top of every page in my site. Its a gray bar that only says Google+”/>……..How can I get rid of this?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!! Thank You


    Anyone please?


    Why is my question getting skipped?



    I answered your first 2 questions here –
    3- Have you made any changes on theme files? If not, please try de-actiavting all active plugins and check if that helps.

    P.S.: Bumping your topics push it to the end of our queue.


    #425622 does not answer either one of my questions. WHEN YOU SCROLL DOWN the text gets cut off from the sub menu. please take a look here

    The second question is unrelated to the sub menu. Im talking about the MAIN MENU (SUB LEVEL LINKS)…how can i change the fonts for those?

    Thank You very much



    I can’t see any text being cut off, could you please provide us with screenshots to highlight the issue?

    You can change the main menu links by going to Enfold–>Advanced Styling and selecting Main Menu Links

    Do you want to remove the whole bar with the Google+ icon?



    Yes, I want to remove the whole bar that says Google+. The text being cut off is no longer an issue because i removed the whole sub menu. As far as the main menu sub level links, it doesnt have the option in Enfold->Advanced Styling to change the actual font, just font size, color, etc..



    I’m getting a bit confused looking at your site again, it reads Google+”/> at the very top, have you added anything to header.php, I’m guessing this is what you want to remove, right? Not the bar with phone number, links etc.

    Sorry, you’re right, I got it confused with Main Menu Links where you can change the font. Please try this in Quick CSS under Enfold–>General Styling instead:

    ul.sub-menu a{
    font-family:verdana !important;



    Thanks for the css…yes I am refrring to the bar at thevery top that says google+”>….i havnt added anything to header.php and i would like to delete that entire bar…thanks again



    Have you tried de-activating all active plugins and check if that helps as i suggested earlier?


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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