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    Dear All!
    I customized my header by following the steps under this thread,

    Main reason to customize was to achieve this result,
    1. Social icons custom placement (just like kriesi website)
    2. Placement of main menu
    3. Fixed Header and logo all the time WITHOUT stretching.
    For example please check this image how my website was looking before update,

    My Question:
    I do used to update before as well and every time update, I just change the header.php or customize it again accordingly.
    But this time I’m not getting what it was before may be because you guys change some hard core coding in header or something.
    Now that’s how its looking

    Please help me to get the same result again as I can’t hold the website the way it is looking now.


    Hey Khalid!

    Yes, the header.php and the header in general was changed substantially in the 2.6 update so you will either need to roll back to the previous version or re-do your customizations.

    Keep in mind however that the update introduced the new header options:


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    1) You would need a copy of the previous theme version. You could then delete the live one and then upload the old files. We don’t keep older versions however so if you don’t have the previous copy that isn’t an option.

    2) You can now use the header configuration tool to modify the header as needed. All previous css customization and child theme customization to the header.php should be removed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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