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    hi there i tried to replace header color with specific image pattern i have but its only replace the central part of the header not the full header ?

    any help :-)



    the easiest way to use pattern for the whole head section is to modify the bg image itself. Go to expose > images > style1 folder and search for bg.png. Modify it by using i.e. Photoshop and upload it again. You can also use the provided psds which are part of the themeforest package to modify the bg image file.


    Hey thanks for the tip however this template based on css header colors not header bg image so i want to replace the color with image pattern



    In Expose, the header and footer background are a colour set in css/style1.css (or style2.css or style3.css depending on your preference). In style1.csss it looks like this:

    #wrapper_head, #wrapper_footer {
    background: #222222;

    To modify it, either enter a new HEX value or link to an image.



    thanks didnt notice this line :-P



    No problem, glad I could help you :)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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