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    Where can I set the Header? Direktly to the Page – there I can just see the setting display or don’t display header but where is the header? =)

    And my images look shlitly blury! Is there a way in Photoshop to export the images as Retina ready images or something in this direction? The size of the image is correct the size of the browser is 100% but it’s still blurry on my Computer (Desktop) in Firefox and Opera. How did you upload you’re images any recommandation?

    Thank you



    Hi Btina,

    I don’t know what you mean by set the header directly. The header option available in the meta box on each page allows you to either show or not show the page title+breadcrumbs. If you want to have a blank page then you can select that template from the meta box above the layout meta box.

    We would need to see your site to see what is happening with the blur. By default you should only need to upload the largest image size you want to show which will then get re-sized by the theme wherever it needs something smaller.




    Hi Devin

    That means with the heder option I can show the meta box or not.

    But what about the header Slider how I am going to set this guy ;)

    My website is not online jet. So therefore I have to send you my login – is this a public request?



    The “header” in this case means the page title and breadcrumbs. This is controlled via the Layout Meta Box on your pages.

    The “blank page” template gives you a page without any logo, menu, page title, breadcrumbs or footer and socket. Its a fully blank page that will just output whatever you put in the visual editor or advanced layout editor.

    The Sliders for pages are only added by you if you want them. The image on *Posts* is automatically added from your featured image and there isn’t a setting to turn them off directly but you can control the blog template from the General Options in your theme settings.


    Hi Devin

    I set the images of my Portfolio Gallery to 710x575px but If I go to my Website some how the images are scaled down so that’s why they look blurry! And my images I upload have the correct size of 710x575px. Why is that and what can I do to change that?

    The image with the black background is the original I uploaded and the other one is that one how it appears on my website:

    Thank you


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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