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    how do I make the text/phone number bigger on the top right?



    Just add this on your custom.css

    .small_header_info.meta-color {
    font-size: 20px;




    great, how about the social media icons – I would like to change the color…


    Hi ldaskal,

    Here is the full block of css that handles the hover background color for the icons:

    .social_bookmarks_rss:hover	      a, div .social_bookmarks_rss 	.css_3_hover		{background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#ffa133; }
    .social_bookmarks_facebook:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_facebook .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#37589b; }
    .social_bookmarks_twitter:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_twitter .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#46d4fe; }
    .social_bookmarks_mail:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_mail .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#9fae37; }
    .social_bookmarks_dribbble:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_dribbble .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#e44885; }
    .social_bookmarks_linkedin:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_linkedin .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#419cca; }
    .social_bookmarks_search:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_search .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#222222; }
    .social_bookmarks_gplus:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_gplus .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#de5a49; }
    .social_bookmarks_behance:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_behance .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#008cfa; }
    .social_bookmarks_flickr:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_flickr .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#ff0086; }
    .social_bookmarks_forrst:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_forrst .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#234317; }
    .social_bookmarks_myspace:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_myspace .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#000000; }
    .social_bookmarks_tumblr:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_tumblr .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#345574; }
    .social_bookmarks_vimeo:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_vimeo .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#31baff; }
    .social_bookmarks_youtube:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_youtube .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#a72b1d; }
    .social_bookmarks_pinterest:hover a, div .social_bookmarks_pinterest .css_3_hover {background-position: center -43px ; background-color:#cb2027; }

    You can add individual items to your Quick CSS or custom.css or if you want to use/change them all, the whole thing.




    sorry, not looking for the hover color, but the image color.


    You can’t change the image coloby using css code but you can try to edit the social icons with Photoshop or Gimp. You can find the image files in the wp-content/themes/eunoia/images/icons/ folder.

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