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    is it standard that menu items are all being displayed Bold?
    in basic options i dont see no options to choose for bold or not bold?
    how can i achieve this?


    Hey jelle!

    Can you show us your web site?
    want to see if you are using Mega Menu or not and if there is anything else that might interfering with the menu, before we can provide any custom CSS.

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards,


    ok, see priv content



    Try changing that in Advanced Styling > Main Menu links.

    Best regards,


    hi josue
    thanks, but there is only a limited amount of options: tekst, background, border , size, font.
    no option for bold/not bold.
    see image

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    Ok, try the adding this code to General Styling > Quick CSS instead:

    #top .main_menu ul:first-child li a {
        font-weight: normal;

    Best regards,


    hello josue, ok thanks. one more question: because i have no logo dislpayed ( .logo { display: none; } )
    i want the menu to align in the middle. this is not between the options. how could i achieve this?



    Try the following CSS:

    nav.main_menu {
        margin-right: 10.5%;
        margin-left: 10.5%;

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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