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    I’m using a stretched layout with a Maximum Container width of 1030px and I want my 3 columns (although it won’t always be 3) to sit so that the outside edges of the first and last columns are sitting in line with the width of the container. With the default Enfold theme there’s padding on the left and right of the columns.

    How best to style column layout so that the 1st and last columns sit flush with content width

    I’ve done this by creating a colour section and giving it an ID of #homepage_boxes and then using the following code:

    #homepage_boxes * {padding:0px!important; margin:0px!important;}  /*removes padding/margin as I couldn't work out where the padding/margin */
    #homepage_boxes .avia-builder-el-first {margin-right:60px!important;}
    #homepage_boxes .avia-builder-el-last {float: right;}

    What I want to know is have I done this a sensible way or is there an alternative you recommend?

    You can see this live at:


    Hi DigitalEssence!

    It’s just a matter of removing the padding like you did. Not really another way to do it.



    There is a better way.(for anyone else wanting full width contents without left and right padding).

    Rather than using the global selector, if you target the .container instead then it removes the container padding and doesn’t strip everything.


    I create a colour section and give it an ID then

    #colour-section .container {padding-left:0px!important; padding-right:0px!important; margin-left:0px!important; margin-right:0px!important;}

    You can close this ticket. It’s really just for anyone else searching for the same thing.

    Many thanks,

    Digital Essence

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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