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    Hi, When I view the enfold/author.php page i see several hard coded words.

    The same for enfold/include/comments.php

    and : enfold/include/loop-index.php

    and: loop-search.php


    echo “<h3 class=’miniheading’>”.__(‘Leave a Reply’,’avia_framework’).”</h3>”;

    echo “<span class=’minitext’>”.__(‘Want to join the discussion?
    Feel free to contribute!’,’avia_framework’).”</span>”;

    In above files I see several hardcoded words and sentences. Are you aware of any other files and will it be fixed in next version?

    QUESTION: what files shall I edit for the Quick Search window:

    I see searching for TEST = “View all results” bottom of search result

    I see searching for asdasdadsasdasdae = “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria

    Please try another search term”



    Yes, these text strings are hardcoded but I’m not sure what you want “to fix” here. Obviously you need to write the text into the theme files somehow.

    If you want to translate the theme files use the Codestyling plugin: and translate all strings from the “avia_framework” textdomain. Select the enfold/lang folder as translation path. I recommend to use the latest version (Enfold 1.5.x) for the translation because previous versions will cause some troubles with the codestyling plugin.

    That said all text strings are translatable and you can change them with language files. We won’t remove them or replace them with eg text strings from the database.


    I also need to translate the hardcoded parts, so the plugin is interesting. But I have a few questions about your reply:

    You say “select the enfold/lang folder as translation path”, does this mean instead of “wp-content/languages”? And won’t this erase everything when you update the theme?

    Any WPML setup tutorial for Enfold available, by the way?


    No, the complete path is wp-content/themes/enfold/lang – however Codestyling will just list relative paths – thus you won’t see wp-content/themes/enfold/lang but enfold/lang because it strips the wp-content/theme/ directory from the url.

    There’s no documentation for WPML yet but afaik you don’t need a special setup. The only difference is that Enfold will create an option set for each language – thus you need to configure the theme options (Enfold menu item on the admin screen) for each language.


    “the complete path is wp-content/themes/enfold/lang”

    Yes, that’s what I figured, but what I meant is: Won’t it be removed when you update the Enfold theme since it’s a subfolder of the theme?



    Yes, if you install the theme with the WordPress uploader you’ll also loose these files. That’s why I always recommend to use ftp to update the theme – with ftp you’ll only overwrite the “old” files with the “updated” files and if a new, updated file doesn’t exist the ftp client won’t touch the file on your server.

    Best regards,



    Good to know, thank you.

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