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    Can I ask for some clarification about how enfold treats Page Titles and H1 Tags. Does it make the page title act as the H1 tag for the page?

    This is what I thought it did and I was pretty sure I had previously checked but now I run Moz Pro on my website and it says I have 441 missing or invalid H1 tags.

    I would rather go back and change the first H2 (or most relevant) tag on each page to an H1 than use some code but I wanted to get your opinion first.

    This blog post from Search Engine Journal seems to say that it’s worth doing for completeness https://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-important-is-h1-tag-for-seo/261547




    Hey Tia,

    Are you building your product pages with the Avia Layout Builder?

    Can you please share the link to your website so that we can check?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria
    Please see the link to my site in the private content. I have fixed some of the pages.

    The home page has an H1 now but most other pages do not.



    Hi Tia,
    Do you use breadcrumbs?
    Enfold use breadcrumb as h1. I do not why, i think is a missinterpratetion of a post from Yoast from 2009 and many people in the past have this abuse reported.
    Fact: Most top pages like Wikipedia or Moz use only one H1 as heading, and not as breadcrumb. A breadcrumb is: a crumb, small, a link, not bigger as p-tag. A heading is a heading: Big, unique, a sentence. Not one word. But i talk with walls.

    If you use breadcrumbs, please press ctrl+shift+i to open the dev console. You can click elements on top and the rectangle with the arrow to inspect elements.Move it over breadcrumbs: You see: it’s h1. I have developt a plugin for this to remove this ugly stuff,


    Hokus from Locus


    Hi Tia,

    If you make most of your pages with the Advanced Layout Builder you need to add the h1 tag yourself as a special heading tag or in a text block just adding h1.

    thank you for your input.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    Hi Tia,
    I have the same question, and I use the classic editor (i.e. I write in HTML).

    According to a SEMrush audit, most of my posts and pages at http://www.newlyswissed.com are missing H1 tags. What do I need to change in my code to set H1 titles that correspond to the post/page title?

    Many thanks,


    Dear Dimitri,

    the easiest way is to use breadcrumbs. Enfold use this as standard h1.
    For my understanding: H1 should always unique, should have bigger size as normal text and should not be a link or breadcrumb. I have take look on your page. Some use h1 as entry title.
    Some has no h1. https://www.newlyswissed.com/category/design/
    Some has entry title;: https://www.newlyswissed.com/escape-to-zurichs-oriental-hamam-bath/

    from SEO-Point: You make it difficult for humans and robots to understand your page.
    If i go to the startpage: I expect, that the owner tells me, what is the sense of the page and what can the user expect.

    Good Luck




    Thanks for sharing @hokuspokus, did that answer your question @newlyswissed?

    Best regards,


    Hi Enfold People!!

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    Hello, Netzie.

    You don’t seem to be reading right. And you don’t give the right answers either.
    Enfold and some other themes use the page title as breadcrumb and as H1.

    You should ask yourself:

    What makes a headline? It usually differs from the rest of the content by a clear size. It is the title of a website, but not necessarily the title tag.
    What do the Bing guidelines say? Use only one H1. If this is already used as breadcrumb, smaller than the p-tag as link- Then it is no longer available for content. The inexperienced users who want to go semantically the right way will suddenly have two H1s on the page. If H1 is the most important element, what happens with multiple H1? I would like to use H1 as what it is. The biggest and most important headline on my page.

    So you’re tellinga story that WordPress does this?
    Ok, wordpress. org:
    <title>Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS — WordPress</title>
    second h1:
    <h1>Meet WordPress</h1>

    I see. Is that what you’re saying?

    Wordpress blog
    <title>News & Announcements – WordPress.org</title>

    So, what’s it like with the H1? Although it can be used several times in HTML5, why do SEO suites only recommend single use? Ever thought about it? Is it experience? To annoy the users? Benchmarks? Keyword stuffing?

    What do leading SEO suites say when it see multiple H1s at the same time? Ever cross-checked?
    Why do they say that?

    More hints from hobo-web
    OPINION – I use as many keywords as I think is sensible – as short and snappy as possible usually. Aaron Wall at SEOBook recommends not making your h1 tags the same as your page titles.

    Go to the Semrush_Study: “11 Most Common On-Site SEO Mistakes”
    15% have double content for h1 and title.
    “And ensure that your H1s are consistent with your title tags (for the purpose of SEO relevance) without being identical.”

    Go to the Seoroundtable, the answer from Barry Schwartz.
    “Consistent but not identical.”

    A title tag may also be much shorter than a headline.

    So, what about the statement that H1 and Title should be the same?

    Go to Neil Patel.

    What does he say about the h1:

    It should be big.
    It should be strong.
    It should be noticed.
    You can use any visual element, any formatting and any style to make the h1 stand out.

    And is that true for a breadcrumb?

    And what does such a long breadcrumb page title look like in Enfold?
    “Google SEO: Should Titles & H1 Tags Be Exactly The Same?”
    Enfold breadcrumb

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    @Hokuspokus: Where do you see a H1-tag in the breadcrumbs of Enfold? (Demo: https://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-2017/) … Maybe i misunderstand what you mean (maybe you don’t mean the breadcrumb, but linking on itself through the H1-title in Blog-entries?) … You can easily use a meta-title-tag different than the page-H1-headline … I don’t see a seo-problem with Enfold …


    Excuse me: misspelling by me: in the breadcrumb head bar is it reserved by enfold.
    And here, it should help all others non technical user to prevent keyword stuffing.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Hokuspokus.

    And what you see it is not important for me:Sorry, but: What experts from SEO-Suits, Bing Rules and other Experts told to me is for me important.
    I think, here are enough statements and examples to go another way.

    If you have other ressources from experts and seo-suits: You are welcome to show it here.

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    “what you see it is not important for me”
    Ok … so you don’t wan’t to discuss this topic or improve Enfold? … you just want us to listen to you? … :-)

    I agree with you: That H1 in the same area together with the breadcrumb is not a good solution. I won’t use it and would recommend to not use it. But i don’t see a big problem there … easy to avoid …

    Edit: Hokuspokus … uh … oh … i just read some of your comments in this forum … now i will hurry to get outta this thread … :-)
    Your communication is extremly poisoned, unconstructive and offensive … nothing i’d want to spend my time with … sorry …

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    @ CG.

    Why do you think I want to discuss? If you were Johann Mueller, Barry or Matt from Google, I would follow you almost blindly.

    First, I explained what WordPress does. Then what experts say: Why should I listen to your idea without knowing you? I’m just showing what others are saying. Nothing to discuss. Facts.If you can show me other experts: Please.

    And yes. I’m really angry about enfold and Kriesi. Because I have a lot of clients with Enfold and I am very unhappy with the solution strategies and I have additional efforts and the story has almost landed in front of lawyers. And the annoyance already lasts some time. At some point the support stopped being “good” in my eyes. At some point you just resign. If you have to modify any Theme.php for the thousandth time or if the support guy laughing to enjoy free tutorials, wrong answers and misinterpretations and snotty answers that are somehow unworthy to be in active maintenance with 15 themes and you have invested almost thousand dollars. Paired with incomplete solutions for users, e.g. responsive headings (earlier), content out of the box and other topics, if you are deeply involved with testing on all end devices. Any lines that don’t belong there etc. Nofollow tags and e.g. not responsive breadcrumbs and not full options for menus with same naming for different elements. Paired with non GDPR-Readyness (code is loaded from google).

    But: Enfold is highly performant and for the rest: i have my dev to straigthen the rest of the code. Sad, for other users

    As remark: the h1 topic is from ?? 2016? 2017? Mentioned by other. What is to improve here? Talking with walls, yes.

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