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    Hello Enfold Team,

    A former client of mine has been running a very outdated version of Enfold for many years. Version 3.0.4. Several years ago, I encouraged them to upgrade, but we just didn’t get around to it. Now they’d like me to proceed because of some issues that have appeared.

    A couple of weeks ago, they reached out because some things started to go wonky. Their Drift chatbot stopped working, and the https:// version of their website wouldn’t load certain images unless a user clears their cache or views the site in incognito mode, strangely.

    Ultimately, I suspect these glitches have something to do with recent WordPress platform upgrades. I advised them to purchase a new Enfold license (which they did) so that we can get assistance in upgrading them to the latest Enfold theme BEFORE proceeding with an upgrade to WordPress 5.6.

    The client is a top-notch ESL school. They have been heavily impacted by the pandemic in addition to already having lower student enrollment due to Visa restrictions imposed by the Trump administration. These recent website glitches have resulted in a further drop in traffic to their website, which is their lifeblood for enrolling new students. I’m really hoping that a kind, patient soul at Enfold can devote some time to helping me with this. :)

    In addition to the glitches with Drift and broken images, the Avia Layout Builder is also not working. I’m hoping that all of this will resolve on its own once we’ve upgraded Enfold and WordPress to the latest versions. (Regarding Drift, I have already worked with their support team to troubleshoot the issue and nothing is fixing it.)

    Thank you in advance for your assistance with this!

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    Hey ELI_SF,

    Well, you need to do a full website backup, update the theme via FTP. You can get a fresh copy in your Themeforest account.

    Also, you should be running php7.2 or higher.

    Here are the docs for you:

    Best regards,

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