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    Guenni007 now says goodbye as an active participant of this forum. –
    Stop reading, because 140 characters end the ability to concentrate.

    It’s time for me to stop providing active assistance now. I notice that I no longer have the serenity and understanding that some here forget the nettiquette and I react irritably against my nature. Patience and the insight that other participants also have a right to a solution to their problems seem to have been lost here at times.

    Obviously, many here seem only be interested in implementing their project, most even prefer to do so without any learning effect.

    Detailed instructions are not read completely, only the CSS, PHP or Javascript codes are copied and pasted. The fact that sometimes a custom class has to be set for the codes is often overlooked. Without these classes, some selectors would simply be infinitely more complicated than with these.

    Hurried allegations then that the offered code doesn’t work – even though i presented a working test page – are then the rule.

    The private input field presented here on board is not meant to be used for whole conversations about it.
    If you don’t want to make your site public, it’s understandable, but doesn’t help the supporter to provide the exact code.

    In my opinion the help for self-help is always better than just presenting the solution. Some are even too lazy to transfer these solutions into their project itself, and have it done by moderators.

    Some of you should show a little more gratitude about the fact that without Enfold and its very good support you would probably be dependent on professional (cost-intensive) help.
    May you find good web designers, if you need some who also deserve their job title.


    So now I will limit myself to asking only my own questions, because I have never made a secret of the fact that I am also a learner and e.g. need help to write php-code. But that didn’t stop me from presenting modified ALB elements for free for a long time, which in my opinion complemented the very nice enfold features (e.g. h tag selection for sliders, symbol boxes etc.). It’s great that these edited ALB elements are now superfluous, as the functions have found their way into the new enfold.


    I would like to explicitly thank Günter, Ismael, Yigit – and formerly Josue – who always had an open ear for my questions and were always receptive for suggestions.

    I wish all participants all the best and good luck.

    Günter Weber alias Guenni007


    Hey Guenter,
    So sorry to hear this, you will be missed.😢

    Best regards,

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