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    To all those who used my edited Enfold ALB elements. Herewith I end the further support. I have delivered these small changes within the ALB long enough. I am happy that now these features have been added to the new update. So heading tag selection and ID assignment to the elements. I think that the missing array in the full-width and full-screen slider will be delivered soon in an update. Obviously a careless mistake.

    Since it was of course implemented differently than I did, the users of my modified ALB elements unfortunately have no other choice than to rework the pages that were created with it. So headings in the iconboxes and iconlists and captions in the sliders. IDs on whitespace Separator etc. pp.

    I’m glad that these features have found their way into the theme, because I think they’re really good and that with every Enfold update I’m now just a user and no longer a “developer”.

    That was always really a little extra work. Here again the link to my page, in case someone is wondering what this is all about. The page will disappear into the archive soon.

    Thank you
    Günter (the other one)

    PS: you should remove now that one link ( CUstom Element Options… ) in your :


    Hey Guenter,
    Thank you for all of your help and freely sharing your work and knowledge, I have learned quite a lot from you, and I know we all have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for you.

    Best regards,


    Thanks – can you look at:
    i think this must be a forgotten array – because when i add only that array all works ( h-tag choose on all sliders)


    Thank you for pointing this out, it looks like @Günter is working on this:

    […] For the rest of this topic I will look into asap and make the adjustments.

    Best regards,


    thanks mike – can be closed.

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