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    In testing my new WordPress site I’ve uncovered a strangely persistent issue affecting load times.

    The GTMetrix waterfall (data from Honza’s HTTP Archive Viewer) shows “Blocking” as the major time drag on loading for CSS, JS, PNG, and JPG files.

    I’ve tried all the optimization methods recommended in the GTMetrix PageSpeed and YSlow reports:
    – Plugins to Minify JS and CSS, Defer JS parsing, Reduce image sizes, and Cache
    – .htaccess modifications for Browser Caching, gzip compression, and Expires Headers

    I’ve also migrated from shared MySQL to a VPS MySQL database at my host.

    Still this problem.

    To see if it was just my site, I did GTMetrix test on other Enfold sites found in the “Enfold Showcase” thread.
    Many show the same issue. For example:

    And some do not. Example:

    Also included my site URL in Private Content below.

    BTW, there is SSL sitewide, so https is forced on all pages.

    I am out of ideas what to try next so I am turning to my Enfold friends!

    Any suggestions?


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    Hey sdigit,

    I’m not really sure what you mean to be honest, what is the specific problem? If you mean the wait times from the server then that is something you would have to bring up with your hosting provider.

    Best regards,


    OK, yes fair point Rikard thanks.

    Upon digging deeper I learned that the specific issue – Blocking – stems from the browser’s max concurrent connection limit to a single domain.

    Solution is apparently:

    1) reducing overall # of requests to the extent possible
    2) CDN and/or domain sharding



    Yes, those are both things that could help load speed. The site I checked has a lot of image content, if you can do something about that it would likely improve things a lot too.

    Best regards,

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