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    Hi All,

    This will have ramifications for me site wide, because i will use grid rows vs colour sections exclusively.

    I want to contain the content of a grid row to default 1310 to match the rest of my site, however i want the background image or individual rows to act independently (mostly for graphics and background images)

    So this did work to contain the overall content, but it added black bars to the sides and restricted my background image

    .av-layout-grid-container {
    max-width: 1310px !important;
    margin: 0 auto !important;
    border: none !important;

    However I only want to target the one 3/5 column on the right to keep the content looking like the rest of the site (full width content just doesn’t work for a site like this or look good)

    I also want it to inherit it’s bg colour.

    All i want is the content blocks contained to not stretch past 1310 but keep everything else the way it is

    This looks perfect IF the background image stretched and it inherited the background color

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    Hey Anthony,

    Which row are you referring to? Could you please attach a mockup of what you’re trying to achieve?

    Best regards,


    OK, lety me try to explain this better.

    I love using grid rows, but they never stay contained within the 1310px like the content does in columns or colour sections. So what happens when i use a grid row and a make the browser window larger, the content (usually copy/text) expands outside the website container width. I’ll even make a dummy page to show you and mock it up.

    The reason why i want the copy in a grid row to stay contained like the rest of the site is consistency. But obviously the flexibility of the grid rows is awesome. I’ve attached a screenshot, all i ever want to contain within the standard 1310px site width is content (special headings, text block, or whatever i put inside the container, it gives me options to put images beside copy and have it be responsive. Grid rows have the best responsiveness with background images or side images.

    see attached, the orange circles is what i would want to contain (i just used demo as mock up. Hopefully i am making sense.——https___kriesi.at_themes_enfold-2017_.png?dl=0


    Hi neverstar,

    Grid rows are a full-width element, you might want to use the boxed layout and different elements.

    Best regards,


    So I can’t give a text block a max left or right width?



    That is possible with custom css but it’s not available as an option out of the box. You can still use own your css modification above and then try to adjust the color of the background elements like main body, container and html so that it’s the same color as the grid row background.

    Best regards,

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