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    Hi on my products page I have mouse overs on the images where the link leads to a different page.

    It appears that the mouse overs only appear on 3 out of images?

    Any ideas why it only works on some images?




    Hey brycenagels!

    I don’t see any roll over on all images when I visited the link. Did you disable the avia_hover_effect?



    It definitely appears on the three middle images for me? I tried with both Chrome and firefox with the same results, and if i replace the first image with a copy of the second on it works too? Is there something with the image that doesnt alloe the hover effect for the link?



    It doesn’t show up when you didn’t add an animation on the Image element. Edit the image then look for “Image Fade in Animation”.

    Best regards,


    All the images have a fade in animation set… no matter wich option I choose, I still dont ge the green arrow mouse over when I hover over the first and last image link..

    thamks again for your time,




    Please set it again or recreate the first and last images from scratch. Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times.Test it on another browser. The animated images should render html tags like this:

    <img class="avia_image avia_animated_image avia_animate_when_almost_visible top-to-bottom avia_start_animation" src="" alt="" title="" itemprop="contentURL">

    I don’t see this one on the first and last images.



    deleted and reset the images, tested in 3 browsers… still the same.

    Not sure what it is about the images that make them act differently?




    The reason why the hover effect doesn’t work is that Kriesi checks the height of the image with following code in enfold/js/avia.js

    if(current.outerHeight() > 100)

    and if the height is smaller than 100px the function won’t apply the hover effect because there’s not enough space for the round icon. You can try to modify the function and replace 100 with i.e. 80 but personally I recommend to upload a bigger version of the image which has a height of at least 101px.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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