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    Hi, Just bought the Enfold theme which is the second theme I have purchased from you guys and it is fantastic! I have a couple of questions if possible:

    1. I use WPML – I have added this to the top header but even though I have specified a drop down all I am getting are flags – I really need just the first flag and the name next to it and then the drop down for more languages. Also on a mobile the flags show up covering the phone number not underneath/new line.

    2. To give an overlap for the design I need to show 3 icon boxes with a little text (from the content area) half over the Revolution slider and half in the content area – I have tried to add “margin-top: -110px;” with a z-index but it is only showing behind the revolution slider.

    3. Is there anyway to have the colour section not full width ie 1/2 with a 1/2 box on the other side? (without using css)

    4. I have a data-src iframe that I need to show – my last theme allowed and showed this however Enfold does not. I can send the code if possible as I can’t post it here.

    Currently I have this site on a testing server so I cant give the URL. If you would like to view this I can give the details including the change of host files details.
    Thanks for the help & the great theme…



    1. We really need to see the site live in order to see this issue.

    2. The element should have position: relative in order to get z-index working, try using top: -110px instead.

    3. That’s not possible without custom CSS, you’d need to rely on columns.

    4. You can try using the new Code Block element introduced in 2.7.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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