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    Hi – I think is probably a long shot but you’ve always been so helpful I thought it was worth asking! I’m using Gravity Forms on the website and I have set up a set of checkboxes. I need to set it so that when when the checkbox for ‘Felling’ is selected, the other checkboxes are either hidden or disabled. I’ve found this code:

    new GFLimitCheckboxes(FORM_ID, array(
        FIELD_ID => array(
            'min' => MIN_NUMBER,
            'max' => MAX_NUMBER

    to add to the functions.php file which limits the number of checkboxes that can be selected at one time, but I don’t have enough knowledge to tweak it to suit my needs – can you help?




    Hi Kathryn!

    Have you tried contacting Gravity Forms support?



    Hi Josue

    Yes I have – I’m afraid they’ve said that it’s not a standard feature of Gravity Forms. They’ve suggested an add on that I could purchase which might help but I’ve tried to contact the add on author to clarify that it will allow me to specify a particular checkbox and unfortunately I can’t get a response.

    I thought I might be able to tweak the code that I’ve attached above to do the job? I suppose it’s more complicated than that … ?




    I’m sorry but that particular request is outside the scope of support. You might need to hire someone else to do the job.Please visit Envato Studio or Werkpress for further customization.



    Hi – fair enough, I thought that might be the case. As an alternative, if I put felling as a single checkbox and then list the rest of the checkboxes separately and then use conditional logic to hide them if somebody selects, Felling, is there any custom code that I could use to reduce the amount of space between the single felling check box field and the list of checkboxes below?




    Don’t worry – I’ve solved this by putting each item in a separate check box one underneath each other and then hiding all the other check boxes when ‘Felling’ is selected and it looks fine like that.

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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